Pimple Treatment

Almost everyone teens get acne commonly known as pimples. It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, which usually pop up on the face, back, neck, chest and shoulders. Acne can appear one of the form like pimples, blackheads or whiteheads. In medical language, acne is pilosebaceous follicles characterized by comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), papules, pustules, nodules and often scars. There are some tiny pores located under our skin has some which connect with oil glands via follicles (small canals). These glands produce sebum clogs pores, which is an oily liquid that carries dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of your skin. Blockage of these follicles results in pimples. Acne is the most common skin disease for adolescents, affecting both men and women. Their occurrence is not specific at all age, but can lead to various complications such as pigmentation or scars that can result to cosmetic disfigurement. As a skin disease, the nature of acne can be both mild as well as an extreme case.

Types of Acne

Acne Mild

Blackheads and whiteheads developed on your skin are the mildest form of acne;Acne mild. When a pore is clogged, sometimes bumps are formed. You may get the sporadic pustule or papule, but these are not very inflamed. Comparatively, it is mild acne because it is close to the skin surface, and is not very deep-seated and painful like a nodule or cyst. It can arise at any ages and in all skin types, but is most common in adolescents who are going through puberty.

Acne Moderate

As the name suggests, moderate acne is moderate – it is neither mild nor severe. Though, this is more persistent than mild acne, but not very inflamed as severe acne. Moderate acne may lead to, many visible breakouts, small and solid papules and pustules and even some nodules. Also, you may have blackheads, bumps on the skin and inflamed spots. This can happen at any age. You may also have breakouts on the chin, cheeks, jawline, neck, back and chest. Often, acne of type moderate requires more extensive treatment.

Acne Severe

Severe acne also known as cystic acne, and as the name goes is severe type of acne. Acne of category severe may lead to intense redness, large number of nodules, inflammation and cysts. Severe acne is a result of oil ducts getting blocked and infected. This condition of acne is very painful and often leaves blemishing. Therefore, a good dermatologist should be consulted when people are suffering from severe acne.

Acne Excoriated

At some point in our lives, we all have, the temptation to squeeze or tweeze acne. But this temptation of squeezing your acne takes you to the point where you end up damaging skin tissues badly. This is state when excoriated acne occurs. This continuous squeezing and scratching cause open lesions and is the main cause of excoriated acne.

Acne Middle Age

Majority of people for the first time face acne problem in their thirties. Treating acne in the middle age can be complicated as the skin runs the risk of over-drying. Some other types of skin conditions are mistaken for acne many times like peri-oral dermatitis , keratosis and rosacea. You can choose from so many treatments to improve the overall health of your skin. Consult our dermatologists at Radiance clinic, who will quickly identify the source of your skin problems and fight your battle against middle age acne.

Acne on Back

Back acne, tends to occur on the back, buttocks and the upper arms. It can occur in the form of pimples, pustules, cysts and blackheads. This condition of skin can be very painful as it forms deep under the surface of the skin. The reason why we get acne on face is pretty much same for back acne. The only difference is that it can often be induced by sweat. When excessive amount of sebum is produced, hair follicles and pores may get blocked attracting bacteria, which can cause acne.

Causes of Acne

Being a very common skin disease acne; the factors that contribute to its occurrence are also many. Mostly skins that are oily are more prone to causing of acne. Because excess accumulated oil gets confined within the pores and create a sort of impaction. Besides this, an oily or acne skin is prone to produce more dead cells which when come out on our skin surface are unable to shed properly. As a result, they stick to our skin and pores, combine with the accumulated oil and produce comedon. This condition is also referred to as Retention Hyperkeratosis.

Other Causes Include:

Bacterial, genetic, psychological, hormonal, stress, sweat, pregnancy, medication, menstruation.

Precautions for Acne

At times, acne can be very depressing. If you have that kind of skin, there are certain precautions that you need to take in order to minimize this problem priorly.

Let’s have a look at some do’s and don’ts that would help you keep the acne away.

Do’s – Glowing beautiful skin can be accredited to good skin care routine. All you have to do is cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and apply right treatment product. Routinely following this procedure will make sure that your skin is free from dirt, makeup, sweat or oil and any other impurities. You need to follow this routine twice a day, viz morning or night. This would not only be good for your face, but also body.

Don’ts – Its always good and also beneficial to take routine care of your skin. But, at time we tend to overdo it, which may lead to peeling off your skin. Therefore, it's advisable never to overdo any of these or else it may lead to serious problem. Most importantly, do not try to squeeze your pimples. Many of us has the habit to squeeze pimples as soon as we get one. More pimples continues to raise on face as popping pimple can burst the follicle wall inside your pores releasing some infected stuff into your dermis.

Experts Advice for Acne –

To have that acne-free skin, do not touch, pop, pick or squeeze your blemishes.

Treatments for Acne

Today you have many options available to kill this acne problem, all thanks to advanced technology and development. But before opting for any treatment, it is always advisable to keep in mind the exact condition of your acne. If you follow proper skin care you might not have to visit a dermatologist. In case if the problem is uncontrollable, it is always sensible to consult a dermatologist. When it comes to visiting a doctor, the thought only scares us, but going to a doctor does not necessarily mean that have to undergo a surgery or go through heavy expenditure. It all depends on the condition of your acne, and you never know your problem might just get solved with simple medication or ointments. This is where we at Radiance Clinic with our team of experts can help you. We have been practicing many acne treatments modes, and have been successful in curing, they are:

Topical Medications: If the condition of your acne is quite controllable, you have variety of gels, creams, lotions and ointments available which can be used as rub-cons.

Oral Medications: Various options are available in medicines for skin treatment. Our dermatologist can subscribe you the exact ones to suit your skin. If the problem is a little complex, the need to prescribe you some antibiotics arises. An added advantage is you do not have to go hunting medical stores for these medicines, since we have in-house medical store at our vicinity itself.

Hormonal Therapy – One of the reasons behind acne in woman can also be due to hormonal imbalance. In a woman, normally either during menstrual phase or pregnancy, hormonal imbalance happens. In such scenario, we often can prescribe you with medications that either reduce or block androgen production.

Besides medication methods, we also have various ways that are tried and tested for making your skin acne free. Below are the various methods for acne treatment explained.

Acne treatment methods:

Alpha Beta Hydroxy Skin Rejuvenating Solutions / Chemical Peels – In this treatment we use Alpha Beta Hydroxy Solutions. When these solutions applied to the skin, rapidly exfoliates or peels off the skin, thus giving way for new skin formation and improving acne. Under this process some solutions used are – glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and carbolic acid. It is kind of controlled destruction of superficial skin layer that helps in opening the blocked pores, followed by rejuvenation and exfoliation of skin.

Skin Polishing – This procedure is easy and non-invasive, wherein we gently remove dead skin, hereby encouraging production of new skin cells and collagen. This method of treatment improves your acne scarred skin, works as an anti-tan, age spots reducing and also wrinkle removing solution. Isn’t it an easy way to bring back the long-lost glow of your skin!

Intense Pulse Light Laser – You will experience the magic of light, in this mode of treatment. Here we make use of green and yellow laser lights to kill the bacteria responsible for causing acne present in the skin. Whereas the red light is used to directly target overactive sebaceous glands that cause outbreaks of pustules. The heat of the light penetrates deep into the skin, resulting in shrinkage of the inflamed sebaceous glands which prevent over production of excess sebum.

Blue Light Therapy – This method involves use of a non–UV light therapy. The procedure is simple where the acne causing bacteria are destroyed here by clearing acne breakouts. This treatment is very effective and quick as far as acne is concerned.

Cryoslush –An agent called cryogen also called as liquid nitrogen to cure acne is used. In this treatment, cycrogen is employed to effectively dry up oily skin and pimples, in turn tightening the pores in the skin. This method helps the superficial skin in cooling down to a graded degree by applying liquid nitrogen. Further, the treatment is painless and no anesthesia is required.

Cocktail Management – So, here comes our USP. In this technique we have a cocktail mixture which is known to clear up pimples in a matter of days. The mixture of cocktail is made up of apple cider vinegar, honey,lemon juice and water. In the body, alkalinity is caused by this mixture which inhibits inflammation

At Radiance skin clinic a thorough treatment is available for all types and grades of pimples (acne). Treatment is individualised and acne are treated with all advanced and latest therapies. You will look as if you never had acne.

Pimple spots a major concern is also taken care with newer modalities.