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Hair Transplant in Nagpur - New concepts

Minimally invasive Procedure, FUE hair transplant is a minor procedure developed to give you good results with a faster healing process. In this procedure no part of the scalp, other than individual hair follicle, is taken and for this a specialized tool and forceps are used. Then, these follicles are implanted into the recipient area. There is minimal bleeding and this is done with a local anesthesia, you are awake but not feel the pain.

Benefit of new Hair Transplant Procedure

Compared to earlier systems of hair transplantation like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which is also called as “strip harvest method”, a strip of scalp is removed by way of a very long incision across the back of the head, one that requires stitches for closure, from where hair follicles are removed to create smaller, transplantable units. This is an invasive method and requires lot of recovery time, and after the procedure the area usually have a long, permanent scar.

But, today, we have newer and modern devices for treatments of hair loss, which allow the physician to automatically extract, sort, and transplant the hair follicles from the donor area to recipient site. The modern technology and procedure makes it faster, efficient and takes far less recovery time.

In this new procedure, there is no cut out of the scalp. Only the individual hair follicles are extracted. Those follicles make the best hair implants. Stitches are avoided and there is no scar across the back of the head, making recovery fast. The whole process is automated, making it minimally invasive and takes less time than earlier methods.

What you can expect in new Hair Restoration method

You can expect to get rid of your baldness in the fastest and efficient way possible. Hair in the back region of the head is genetically programmed not to fall off, hence it makes itself prefect donor hair. Hence, hair from the back of the head is extracted and planted on the balding area.