Hair Transplant

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Post Operation Day 15

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the procedure done under simple local anaesthesia that involves the removal of hairs from donor areas, usually the rear and sides of the head, that are then transplanted to areas that are baldor skinny. It’s primarily a positive distribution of hair from back to front while not inflicting any visible harm to the donor web site. The hairs from the rear of head are genetically immune to hairlessness thus once they're planted in space of baldness; they're going to still grow for a lifespan and can offer natural and permanent result.

Follicular unit attachment (FUT) is the most recent and gold standard amongst all the procedure for hair transplantation. Hair naturally grows in groupings of 1 to a few, and generally four, hairs that are referred to as follicular units. Thus transplanted hair grows in groups and gives natural look. At Radiance about 2000- 2500 of those grafts will be transplanted throughout one procedure.

How painful is that the procedure?

Other than very little discomfort the complete procedure is totally painless. Even after procedure there is no pain, & if there can be taken care by simple analgesics.

Are there solutions for those with terribly advanced degrees of baldness?

For men with advanced degrees of hair loss, we've to transplant more number of grafts from the donor site. In general, the range will be from 2000 grafts to 3000 grafts. After nine months the procedure could also be repeated to increase density again. At Radiance we can also use BODY & BEARD hair for Transplant.

When am I able to bear hair transplant?

When you have high rate of hair loss or have terribly skinny hair and your scalp is visible, or your hairline is receding, then you are a candidate for Hair Transplant.

Is your technique completely different from alternative hair transplant centre?

We use foremost advanced technique for hair transplant which is presently available worldwide. We are updated at par with newest technique available.

Will individuals apprehend I’ve had a hair transplant?

Immediately when the procedure is over you'll notice scabs and redness at space of recent hairs which will disappear within seven to ten days. After 7 days you have to shampoo your hair. No other special care is required.

When we will repeat identical procedure within the same area?

We tend to advise to wait for a minimum of nine months, whenwe got to offer a lot of density, even when hairs are mature and long (about ten cm).