Who we are


Welcome to the Radiance Skin Anti aging and Hair Transplant Clinic, where Dr. Nitin Barde delivers cutting-edge services in skin care and hair treatment. We offer a wide selection of treatments to make you look best at any age and rejuvenate skin, making our patients youthful and radiant. We also specialize in hair treatment procedures for better; more beautiful hair, such as hair transplantation and hair mesotherapy.

Dr. Nitin Barde has extensive experience in all areas of skin treatment, body enhancement and hair restoration. He has remarkable track record in medical and dermatological surgery. He graduated with distinction from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, in July 2011. He has hands on experience in dealing with:

Hair Transplantation: Dr. Nitin Barde harbours a special interest in hair transplant treatment and has acquired unmatched experience in performing complex hair loss procedures.

Sclerotherapy for varicose veins: He possess optimum skill and expertise in performing Sclerotherapy for varicose veins. He will advise you about the most appropriate form of treatment, depending on your general health and the position, size and severity of your veins.

Mole surgeries: Being certified in Dermatology, he will advise you on mole surgery or whether it is an indication of something serious.

Scar revisions: Depending on the severity, Dr. Nitin Barde will recommend different types of scar treatments available and so will the risks associated with scar revision treatments.

Nail surgeries: Dr. Nitin Barde has comprehensive understanding of nail anatomy and physiology, on performing successful nail surgery.

Vitiligo surgeries: He has extensive experience in effective treatment for vitiligo patches in patients.

Acne surgeries: Dr. Nitin Barde is an experienced board-certified dermatologist to diagnose active acne, to treat existing acne scarring and prevent acne scarring.

Flap surgeries: He has developed special skills to accomplish the desired result in facial reconstruction.

In addition to a busy surgical practice, Dr. Nitin Barde has also got a wide experience as a lecturer in many of the leading institutions on the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

Dr. Nitin Barde devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, has actively participated in NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in seropositive patients. Management of these patients with Steven Johnson syndrome and Toxic epidermal necrolysis. Remarkable participation in National leprosy control programme for diagnosis and management of leprosy patients. Being a part of programme also attended a leprosy camp for rehabilitation of the patients. Also, contributed to community health care(Primary Health Centre & Sub District Hospital) for 6 months.